[November 9, 2015]

Outstanding Performances for Albinati Aeronautics on the Global XRS & Global 6000

The Global XRS & Global 6000 both operated by Albinati Aeronautics showed remarkable performances last week during a flight respectively, from Antofagasta (Chile) to Geneva (Switzerland) and from Hong Kong to Milan (Italy). 

The Global XRS performed an impressive flight on October 30th from Antofagasta (Chile) to Geneva (Switzerland): in 12hrs55mins the aircraft crossed 5980 Nm at a cruise speed of M81 – 82. Total fuel at departure was 43’800 lbs. Over this transoceanic flight of almost 13 hours, with flight levels going from FL 400 to FL 410 and up to a maximum of FL 450, the fuel burned has been 40’400 lbs with a remaining fuel reserve at landing of 3’400 lbs. An excellent level considering the minimum required final reserve of 2’450 lbs.

On the other side of the globe, on October 31st, the Global 6000 operated a direct flight from Hong Kong to Milan with extremely good performances, especially considering the low flight levels assigned in China, and the hot temperatures faced in Hong Kong at take off.  With a total fuel of 43’700 lbs, the aircraft performed a 12h30m flight at a long range cruise speed covering a distance of 5800 nm with flight levels going up to FL470. The remaining fuel at landing was 4200 lbs. 


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