Valerio Zamboni, Thomas Flohr, Bob Horner, Michel Ouellette

[March 13, 2014]

VistaJet, 10th Anniversary in London

On January 28th in London, VistaJet invited selected guests to help celebrate its tenth anniversary at a posh affair in Mayfair. When Thomas Flohr founded VistaJet in 2004 he was determined to redefine private aviation. He wanted to start a revolution in the skies that would offer clients unrivalled choice, luxury, a simple business model and, of course, safety.

Today, VistaJet is the world’s fastest growing private aviation company with a fleet of Bombardier aircraft based across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and West Africa and a multilingual staff based in offices across the globe.

Thomas and his team are always looking at innovative new ways to develop VistaJet and give their customers the very best in private aviation with a choice of ‘Your Program’ or ‘Your on Demand options’. Everything is kept simple and straightforward, so customers never waste any time whenever they want to fly to anywhere in the world, whether it’s London, Moscow, Beijing, Abu Dhabi or Abuja.

In 2013, VistaJet announced an expansion in the US market, until then the missing link in its worldwide network. According to Flohr:“ A lot of the US corporations have realized that owning a jet, or a fraction of a jet, might not be the best economic solution. It's not really appropriate any more to own your own business jet.”

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