Eric Martel, President of the Bombardier Business Aircraft Division

[May 20, 2014]

EBACE: Bombardier unveils Global 7000 cabin

Bombardier is ready to show customers the fruits of four years of research with the unveiling today of the 33.7m (111ft) cockpit and cabin mock-up for its latest Global 7000 business jet.

“We’ve gone out, we’ve researched customers, we’ve talked to customers,” says Bassam Sabbagh, vice-president and general manager of the Global 7000/8000 programme. “Having it here and real, we’ll get a lot of feedback, and we’ll tweak things and improve them.”

The interior of the Global 7000 – Bombardier’s largest business jet offering to date – is laid out with four “true” cabin zones, not counting
the lavatories, galley and storage sections, Sabbagh says.

It includes several firsts for a Bombardier aircraft, such as a double bed, a 20% larger ¬galley and 80% larger windows compared to the
Global 5000 and 6000 jets.

“Everything that you see in the cabin is designed around comfort for long flights, flexibi¬lity and functionality,” Sabbagh says.
The range requirement – up to 7,300nm for the Global 7000 and 7,900nm for the Global 8000 – drives additional features, such as crew rest accommodations.

The cabin mock-up includes a single club chair and ottoman in the crew rest area opposite the galley, but customers will also be offered a two-seat divan that converts into a double-bunk that meets Part 135 certification standards for two crew members, Sabbagh says.

Aft of the galley and crew rest section, four cabin zones with three windows each show the range of functionality available on the Global 7000, including a set of four club chairs in the first zone, a six-seat dining table in the second zone, a living area with a divan and widescreen TV in the third zone and finally a double bed.

“We want to create the aspect of being at home,” Sabbagh says. “You can work in the front and have dinner, or you can relax [in the two aft zones].”
Bombardier has designed the cabin with multiples zones that can be reconfigured in any arrangement, he adds.

Lighting is a special feature of the Global 7000/8000. Fourteen windows on either side of the fuselage provide more natural light than on any other business jet, Sabbagh says.

The windows will be equipped with mechanical window shades, but Bombardier is working on developing an optional electrochromic window system. Bombardier is waiting for electrochromic windows that can be fully opaque, even from light by a full moon.
LED lighting on the aircraft also can be adjusted based on several pre-set scenes, he says, but there is some flexibility.


“If somebody wants a disco back here,” Sabbagh says, “we’ll find a way to do it.”

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