Global 5000

Faster and more short-field capable than any other in its class

Cabin that leads all others in space, luxury and productivity

Innovative flight deck environment combines cutting-edge technology and advanced design

Maximum operating altitude of 51,000 ft (15.545 m)

Maximum range at Mach 0.85: 5,200 NM

Passengers: 8 - 17
The Bombardier Global 5000 cabin has the widest cross-section in the super-large business jet category, so your seating is comfortably wide, you can stand without stooping and stroll the aisle with ease.

Having the longest seating area of any aircraft in its class allows for unparalleled versatility in your seating arrangements. Whatever configuration you choose, you have ample space to stretch your legs and relax, or get some real work done.

This state-of-the-art system provides cabin management that is the best in business aviation. It includes three independently controlled temperature zones for the ultimate in personal comfort, links to a full complement of office tools – from email and web browsing, to satellite telephones, to printer/scanner – and places the broadest range of entertainment options at your fingertips.

The fully equipped galley and lavatory are located forward to serve the needs of crew and passengers. Sliding section dividers allow the forward area to be closed off from the seating section for privacy.

The quiet aft cabin has an independent entertainment system, as well as temperature controls separate from the rest of the aircraft, so that you can relax in a comfort all your own.

The separate aft lavatory is comfortably large, with its own full window.

The expansive space allows the option of incorporating a private aft stateroom, complete with its own adjacent lavatory, to provide hard-working world leaders and CEOs with personal space to be at their most rested and productive.

Passengers enjoy a personal space that is not only comfortable, but also fully functional. Modern, luxurious seats, practical side ledges and superior work surfaces combine to provide full in-flight convenience.

Floor Plan

With more cabin space than any other super-large business jet in its category and the longest seating area in its class, the Global 5000 aircraft offers you more interior arrangement possibilities. With its business/high-density interior flexibility, the aircraft can be configured to seat 17 passengers in complete comfort.


Rolls Royce Deutchland BR710A2-20 turbofans


A breakthrough in business aviation, the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is the first business jet cockpit to blend seamlessly with the cabin. The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is designed to deliver a completely new cockpit experience. By combining the best in technological advancements with superior designer aesthetics, it provides pilots with an unprecedented level of control and comfort.

- Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite
- Four 15.1-inch (38.4 cm) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens
- Head-Up Display System (HUD), 3rd generation Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
- Onboard Maintenance System (OMS)
- Advanced diagnostic and trouble-shooting tool integrated with most aircraft systems: available on Multi-Function Display or for download onto a portable computer
- Available both on the ground and in flight, OMS minimizes troubleshooting workload and reduces aircraft downtime
- Datalink, SATCOM: triple channel Inmarsat, single channel Iridium
- Ethernet-based Cabin Electronic System with on-board Local Area Network
- Single channel high-speed data, printer/fax