Global 6000

Leading the world in sheer space, luxury and peace of mind

Technology at the cutting edge of corporate aviation

A spacious cabin with a well-appointed aft stateroom and its own adjoining amenities, accords optimal relaxation and privacy

Maximum operating altitude of 51,000 ft (15.545 m)

Maximum range at Mach 0.85: 6,000 NM

Passengers: 8 - 19
A light-infused private aft stateroom is set beyond passing traffic in the quietest section of the aircraft.

The largest and longest seated compartment of any true business jet accommodates generous three-compartment configurations that make for exceptionally productive spaces. Passengers and crew are afforded plenty of room to maximize their effectiveness.

Windows are generous on the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft and not just because all 28 of them are standard on the aircraft. The reveal – the area framing each window – has been enlarged to bring more natural light into the cabin and to improve the viewing angle, increasing each passenger’s range of vision by up to 40%.

A sumptuous large aft lavatory can be accessed from the stateroom, providing complete privacy. The warm ambient light spilling in from the lavatory’s two windows makes freshening up a quiet pleasure and no other aircraft in the category offers this advantage.

With more than double the number of windows of its nearest competitor, resulting in a more even distribution of natural light throughout its spacious cabin, the Global 6000 aircraft always offers the best and brightest travel environment in the ultra long-range category.

The Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft compares more favorably to the competition at typical cruise altitudes. Dramatically lower than on other jets in this class, it’s a benefit that greatly enhances the level of comfort and sense of well-being passengers enjoy.

The left hand side redesigned crew area on board the Bombardier Global 6000 business jet features a true 12-hour, charter-compliant configuration. This feature not only boosts productivity by assuring an alert, well-rested crew, it also enhances resale value by adding to the flexibility of your aircraft.

Unlike its competitors, baggage compartment accessibility is never a problem whether the Global 6000 aircraft is parked or in flight. There are no altitude or time restrictions for passengers to access their belongings. Furthermore, the baggage compartment has also been expanded as much as 15 cubic feet, for a total volume of 195 cubic feet.

LED lighting throughout the cabin of the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft enhances the ambiance, while offering longer, more reliable life than incandescent lighting. It also enhances passenger comfort as it emits less heat.

It is the widest true business jet in the sky. This abundance of space can incorporate an available private work area in the mid-cabin, which allows a fifth seat to join the conference grouping for meetings or dining.

The large, handcrafted, forward galley is equipped to store and serve the gourmet foods and refreshments that make long trips pleasurable. Its' placement allows further privacy for the rest of the cabin. With the crew area located on the right and the galley on the left, you will notice a bright, open view and experience an expanded sense of space the moment you step on board.

The fully equipped galley and spacious lavatory are located forward to serve the needs of crew and passengers. Sliding section dividers allow the forward aft area to be closed off from the seating section for privacy. Floor Plan

The stately Global 6000 aircraft offers the widest cabin, the longest seating area and more usable floor space than any ultra-long-range aircraft in operation today. This allows you an incomparable amount of freedom to arrange your space to perfectly suit from 8 to 19 passengers — and your personal needs.


Rolls Royce Deutchland BR710A2-20 turbofans


A breakthrough in business aviation, the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is the first business jet cockpit to blend seamlessly with the cabin. The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is designed to deliver a completely new cockpit experience. By combining the best in technological advancements with superior designer aesthetics, it provides pilots with an unprecedented level of control and comfort.

- Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite
- Four 15.1-inch (38.4 cm) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens
- Head-Up Display System (HUD), 3rd generation Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
- Onboard Maintenance System (OMS)
- Advanced diagnostic and trouble-shooting tool integrated with most aircraft systems: available on Multi-Function Display or for download onto a portable computer
- Available both on the ground and in flight, OMS minimizes troubleshooting workload and reduces aircraft downtime
- Datalink, SATCOM: triple channel Inmarsat, single channel Iridium
- Ethernet-based Cabin Electronic System with on-board Local Area Network
- Dual channel high-speed data printer